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Make a referral

Areas of Occupation

If you would like to know more about some of the areas addressed by occupational therapy, including typical developmental milestones, and red flags that might indicate a problem, please click one of the topics below:

Eating and Drinking (e.g. drinking from breast/bottle/cup, eating solid foods, chewing and swallowing, picky eating)

Sensory Development (or Sensory Processing) (e.g. responding to sound, sight, touch, or movement; seeking out sensory stimulation)

Toilet Training

Fine Motor Skills (e.g. picking up small objects, colouring, cutting, drawing, printing)

Dressing (e.g. taking clothes off, putting clothes on)

Bathing and Grooming (e.g. washing body, hands, hair; brushing teeth, etc.)

Printing and Handwriting (or Written Output) (e.g. completing written work at school)

How to Make a Referral

If you feel that Occupational Therapy would help your child, please feel free to contact the centre and/or make a referral.