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Preschool developmental milestones

Red Flags for Autism

Basic social interaction can be difficult for children with autism spectrum disorders. Many kids on the autism spectrum seem to prefer to live in their own world, remain aloof and detached from others.

Signs and symptoms of speech and language difficulties in autism.

Children with autism spectrum disorders have difficulty with speech and language. Often, they start talking late.

Signs and symptoms of nonverbal communication difficulties in autism

Children with autism spectrum disorders have trouble picking up on subtle nonverbal cues and using body language. This makes the "give-and-take" of social interaction very difficult.

Signs and symptoms of inflexibility in autism

Children with autism spectrum disorders are often restricted, inflexible, and even obsessive in their behaviors, activities and interests.

Common self-stimulatory behaviors:

If your child is demonstrating some of these signs and/or symptoms, or you are concerned about your child about your child at any age, please contact your doctor immediately.