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A Specialized Dental Clinic for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Cast your vote!

If you have less than 5 minutes, you can create an account and vote online to help support this worthy initiative which is being promoted by UBC Start an Evolution.

The idea is to profile the project so that other UBC Alumni can get engaged and help move it forward. In our field, I think we have all heard of persons served who would benefit from a specialized dental service, and yet it does not exist. Let's lend Joan a hand, and see what we can do through our posAbilities network.

Step 1.  Click here:https://yourevolution.ubc.ca/projects/339/help-teeth-hurt-creating-a-specialized-dental-clinic-for-adults-with-developmental-disabilities#.VQxMGuGnG0u

Step 2. Next, confirm your account via the mail you provided.

Step 3. Re-enter the UBC "Start An Evolution" website and cast your vote for the dental clinic project. https://yourevolution.ubc.ca/projects/339/help-teeth-hurt-creating-a-specialized-dental-clinic-for-adults-with-developmental-disabilities#.VQMfC2c5DXJ

Participating costs you no money or time.  Anyone from anywhere can vote. There is no need to have a connection to UBC, however, if you acknowledge that you are a UBC alumni, the system will ask for your student number.

Please vote by Friday, March 20, as the finalists will be announced on March 23.