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Epilepsy in Women


Men are from Mars and women are from…Venus? Even though this statement is often referred to in jest, this basic premise can be applied to neurological functioning. A recently published study has even shown that gender based differences in the brain could influence epilepsy.

Many people tend to think that epilepsy issues in women are primarily related to pregnancy or seizures due to hormone fluctuations. However, there are many more issues. Women with epilepsy have a higher incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), early menopause, decreased bone density, fertility difficulties, and are more prone to depression and menstrual disorders.

Our Women in Mind program was developed to help support and educate women and girls with epilepsy about the unique health concerns that they may face.

Click here to view our Women in Mind program webpage for information and resources to assist women with epilepsy. This webpage is frequently updated with new study results.

Note: for information about the unique health concerns that men with epilepsy may face, click here to read our blog post about this issue.
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BC Epilepsy Society Updates


Shakin’ Not Cured: November 10th

James Bond is back! Shakin’ Not Cured is our annual James Bond themed fundraiser. This soiree will be taking place within the visual wonderland that is the Vancouver Aquarium. Come out to socialize, enjoy hors d’ouerves, listen to live music, participate in a silent auction with great prizes, and play casino-type games. Attendees are also offered one free signature martini as part of their admission. Tickets are $100 each. Click here for more information. To order your ticket, please call 604-875-6704 or email info@bcepilepsy.com

Family Epilepsy Education Day Conference: November 21th

The BC Epilepsy Society is hosting a large all-day conference about epilepsy on Saturday, November 21st. It is called the Family Education Day About Epilepsy. The event will go from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Chan Auditorium at BC Children’s Hospital.

There will be 9 different sessions on a variety of topics with over 12 different presenters. These range in topics from treatments, mental wellness, learning and memory issues, transition planning to adult health care services, and health literacy. It will also include talks and stories from people who are affected by epilepsy. Prepare to be inspired!

This event is geared towards anyone affected by epilepsy – whether it be adults, family members, or community or school support staff. Click here for more information. Stay tuned for the full program schedule and registration details. For more information please contact our office at 604-875-6704 or at info@bcepilepsy.com

4th Annual Cycle Trek: Thank You for Your Support!

One of our board members, Steve Fruitman, recently did a two day, 200 km, bike ride from White Rock to Cultus Lake and back to help raise funds for the BC Epilepsy Society. He started this fundraising initiative in 2012. A big thank you to Steve and all the donors! You can still make a pledge or donation in support of this event. Click here to make a pledge.

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In the News


Five Things I’d Like to Tell New Acquaintances about Epilepsy

When you have epilepsy, you are constantly put into the position of educating people about it. This can get frustrating at times. In a new article on The Mighty website a person with epilepsy addresses this and gives some tips about how to deal it with. It’s a great article to share with friends, family, and other important people in your life.

Epilepsy Researcher from BC in the News

Tara Klassen is a very talented epilepsy researcher at UBC. She is currently working to find out what medications work best for people with different types of epilepsy. The goal is to make sure that people do not have to try many different medications before they find the one that controls their seizures. Click here to watch a video of her explaining her research and the concept of personalized medicine. PS: She has also written an article about this for our upcoming Fall 2015 newsletter.

Epilepsy and Seizures: Information for Schools DVD

Our specially produced DVD about epilepsy for teachers has been described as “absolutely phenomenal”. A nurse even told us she learns something new about epilepsy every time she watches it. This DVD is available for loan from our office, for purchase for $10, and has been donated by us to school district libraries across the province. It is a great DVD to have if you are a parent of a child with epilepsy. This way you can easily loan it to school staff to watch. The DVD has a 7 minute and 22 minute version on it. Click here to watch the 7 minute version on YouTube.

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