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Childcare Leadership Day

Recognizing the Value of Childcare

Join early childhood educators and family child care providers from across the lower mainland for a half-day of professional development workshops and forums that are focused on celebrating the value of our work as child care professionals.

We’ll share practical ideas that can be immediately applied to our work on the floor with young children, explore thought-provoking ideas and reflections on the value of our work, and develop our capacity as co-leaders of our profession.

Child Care Leadership Day is a project stemming from the ECEBC Leadership Initiative (which is sponsored by the Vancity Community Foundation), and is organized by three early childhood educators who, like you, work on the floor with young children. That’s why we’ve organized a conference that is both practical and thought-provoking. We want to inspire each other to expand our capacities as early childhood educators!

For more information, check out: http://www.childcareleadershipday.ca/