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Connect: Mom - Daughter Workshop

THE BIG QUESTION with Trisha Miltimore

Compassion, Understanding, Patience - is your relationship C.U.P 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

Welcome to the Mom - Daughter Empowerment experience....

Join Trisha Miltimore for a 4 hour workshop INSPIRING mothers and daughters to share, connect and nurture a lasting APPRECIATION for one another. Insightful, FUN, and educational - this workshop teaches UNDERSTANDING and real-life communication tools. Be sure to bring an open mind and loads of laughts. Mom's and daughters will learn how these threee transformational POWERS impact how we LIVE, ENJOY and DIRECT our lives.

We'll talk about things like 'gilry' medcia infulence, body image, friendships, health, love and family. PLUS each pair recieves a keepsake photobook journal - pictures taken at the workshop can be used to begin the book of YOUR mother-daughter life store!

For daughters 12 and over.

For more information, check out www.Contagious.ca