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Foundations Workshop

Foundations Workshop for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children under 6 years of age. Presented by BC Family Hearing Resource centre for any family who has a child age 6 or under who is deaf or hearing impaired (family does not need to be a client of the BC Hearing Resource Centre).

Day 1

Day 2

  •        Communication Continuum
  •        Hearing and Hearing Differences
  •        Hearing Equipment
  •        Hearing Equipment Retention
  •        Equipment Checks
  •        Understanding my Child’s Audiogram/ABR
  •        Listening Environments
  •        Access (visual and auditory)
  •  A look domains of communication development
  • Hearing and listening
  • Spoken language
  • Visual language
  • Speech sound
  • Measuring the Listening Bubble with the Ling-6 sounds
  • What to expect – audiology appointment


When: May 12/13, 2017

Where: Children’s Therapy and Family Resource Centre

How to Register: online at……

https://Goo.GL/M8S65D  (see poster here for more details and phone numbers)