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Kamloops Shapedown Program

Brought to you by Interior Health and Healthy Families BC

The Shapedown program is designed to support children and their families by providing the informationa nd tools they need to achieve healthier lifestyels.

Here is a  quick overview of the program:

Kamloops Healthy Weights for Children is a holistic approach to weight management for children, teens and their families

Objective: to facilitate changes in individual and family functioning that lead to sustainable, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle habits and attitudes

Multidisciplinary Team: Paediatrician, Registered Dietician (RD), Registered Social Worker (RSW), admin support and physical activity specialist (YMCA Instructor)

Family Centered: individualized to meet the needs of the child/teen and family; team recognizes family capacity and underlying contributors; culturally, ethnically and socioeconomically respectful

Liffestyle Approach: positive body image, self-acceptance, respectful guidance, acknowledging barriers, and focus on improving health

Behavioural: SMART goal setting, skills and tools to change behaviour, motivational interviewing and readiness, screening tools for anxiety, depression, eating disorders and family functioning

Evidence Based Practice: 2006 Canadian clinical practice guidelines on the management and prevention of obesity in adults and children; ongoing support post intervention, evaluation

Group Intervention:

Session Structure: co-facilitated by RD and RSW; separate child/teen and parent sessions; joint child/teen parent sessions; 30 minutes of activity for child/teen with YMCA instructor, nutritious snack


For more information please contact:
Jillien Humphrey, RSW, MSW
Shapedown Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-851-7368

Here's a little something to get your family started on the road to healthy eating:
Green Frog Pops - a delicious home made frozen treat!

A special thank you to Jillien Humphrey, Shapedown Program Coordinator for your contributions and input for this post!