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Family Support

Families who are receiving our services sometimes need some extra support in their journey to help their child succeed. All of our staff are dedicated to helping families find the support they need, and our Family Support Consultant in particular is available to help our families with some of the following:

  • Listening to parent/caregiver concerns
  • Providing information or resources on topics such as:
                    o Child development
                    o Positive behavior management
                    o Special needs
                    o Specialized programs
                    o Support groups
                    o Activities for children
                    o Funding sources
  • Helping parents to advocate for their child’s needs with other agencies or people
  • Helping parents to access resources and support within the community
  • Helping parents to coordinate all of their child’s services
  • Organizing parenting classes and providing parenting suggestions and resources
  • Helping parents connect with other parents
  • Finding services when families are moving to other communities
  • Finding sources of funding for the child’s needs

When might you need family support?

  • Times of transition (e.g. to kindergarten, to high school, to adulthood, etc.)
  • When you need to advocate for services or financial assistance
  • When you need to understand existing systems such as the school system or Ministry of Child and Family Development, etc.
  • When you want to learn about upcoming workshops or about other resources in the community
  • When you feel alone or unheard in your efforts to advocate for your child

If you feel you need support in any of these areas, please talk to the staff member(s) involved with your family.