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Family Workshops

Our centre proviceds a variety of workshops for families and other caregivers. Please contact the centre if you are interested in finding out more about any of our workshops, or if you would like to host a workshop.

Beyond Words
This is a 5 week parent program based on the popular Hanen program “More Than Words”. This program is designed specifically for parents or educators who are working with children that have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Early Development Presentation (presented by the Physiotherapy Department)
This is a parent participation program that provides parents of children between 0 and 5 years of age and supporting staff an understanding of the physical and cognitive development of a child and gives tools to help the child attain healthy life skills.

Helping Language Grow
This is a 5 week parent program based on the very popular Hanen program “It Takes Two To Talk”. During this workshop, parents will learn about how to encourage and support their child’s early speech and language development. It is designed for children who have delayed language skills, and are in the early stages of learning language.

Infant Massage Class (presented by the Physiotherapy Department)
This is a class taught in conjunction with the Kamloops Infant Development Society staff. All teachers are trained by qualified International Association of Infant Massage trainers. The classes are held at the centre or in the community and are designed for infants who are not yet crawling. The class consists of 4 or 5, one hour long sessions. Both parents and child(ren) are welcome to attend.

Moving to Learn (presented by the Physiotherapy Department)
This is a workshop for parents of young children (0-5 year old) to learn the importance of physical development and physical activity.

R.E.S.T. (Regulation of Emotions, Sesation and Thinking) Parent Workshop Series
A workshop designed to give parents tools to help their children be calmer and more focused, and to help them manage everyday emotions and activity level. Our focus is on parents of preschoolers and primary students. This is a series of three workshops designed to be taken in sequential order.

Plagiocephaly and Positioning Presentation (presented by the Physiotherapy Department)
This is a presentation for parents, caregivers, parent groups and daycares to talk about the head shape of babies. It discusses the different head shapes, the possible reasons why, prevention of flat head and strategies to reduce the flat head. This presentation can also be presented at health fairs, baby clinics and infant massage groups.

Pros & Cons of Jolly Jumpers & Exersaucers (presented by the Physiotherapy Department)
This is a presentation for families, caregivers and daycares with children 0-12 months old to help understand the history, advantage, disadvantage and alternatives of jolly jumpers and exersaucers.

Sibshop (presented by the Supported Child Development Department)
Sibshop is an exciting program just for sisters and brothers of children with special needs. At Sibshop, sisters & brothers will:

Participants discuss feelings associated with having a special needs brother or sister. Through the use of games, activities and a sharing circle, children learn they are not alone.

Sign Language for Nonverbal Children
This is a 5 week class for families and educators. It is offered twice a year, in the fall and spring. It is designed to teach the importance of gestures and signs to support the communication development of children who are delayed in their verbal language skills. It is a fun, 2-hour class once a week that will give you a huge range of preschool signs, including songs and rhymes. There is a minimal cost for this class to cover snacks. If you are interested in this class, please call the centre at (250) 371-4100 and give your name and number to the receptionist. When the next class is being scheduled we will call you.