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Make a referral

The First Meeting

To know what is important to your family, we begin by asking for your input. This may happen either through a face to face meeting, or through a written questionnaire. We would like to know about your child’s birth and developmental history, what your child does well, and how your child needs help.

Home Visits

If we are going to see you for a face-to-face meeting, we can arrange that visit either at home, at our Centre, or at another location in the community. Visits are on average an hour long, but can be shorter or longer, depending on the purpose of the visit. Our staff want to respect your family’s values and culture, so please let us know if there are any special considerations we should be aware of when visiting your home.

For Children under age 5 (Early Intervention Program and Supported Child Development Program)

For children from birth up to school entry, you will meet with one of our staff for an “Initial Family Meeting.” At this meeting, you will have the chance to share information about your child and your concerns. Then you will develop an action plan together with our staff, to decide what services would be most helpful. At this meeting we will also go over consent forms and any other necessary forms. Depending on your child’s needs, this first meeting may also include an initial assessment and suggestions for your child. We may also suggest referrals to other agencies or services that would be helpful.

School Age Children (School Therapy Program)

For children who are attending school, you will receive in the mail a “School Therapy Program Family Input Form.” This form will give you the chance to share information about your child and your main concerns. You are also more than welcome to call the centre to speak to the therapist(s) assigned to your child if you would prefer to share this information by phone. In our School Therapy Program, the therapists also rely on the input of your child’s teacher(s) to help make an action plan for services.

Kamloops Autism Program (KAP)

For families contemplating attending the Kamloops Autism Program, you will meet with The Behaviour Coordinator. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask questions around Autism and the funding procees. You will also have a chance to share information about your child and your concerns. We will outline what KAP has to offer you and your family, We will review the hours of operations, the scope of the program, and the process for moving forward if you should choose to join the KAP team.