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General child development resources

Human Early Learning Partnership
Online: http://earlylearning.ubc.ca
We are a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network, based at UBC.

Child Development & Rehabilitation
Online: www.childdevelopment.ca/education.aspx

The BC Safe Babies Program
Online: Swaddling and Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure

Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines
Online: www.participaction.com/get-informed/physical-activity-guidelines/sedentary-behaviour-guidelines

Raising our Healthy Kids
Online: www.vimeo.com/raisingourhealthykids/videos
Raising Our Healthy Kids is a series of short 60-90 second videos providing information to parents ance care providers on healthy growth and development of children up to 12 years of age.

Kids Health and Nutrition
Online: https://sleepopolis.com/education/treating-body-well-kids-health-nutrition/

Heart-Mind Well-Being
Heart-Mind Online is for all those who are searching for evidenced-infomred resources that educate the hearts of children. The collection of resources builds capacity in individuals and communities to support the Heart-Mind well-being of children, and promotes their positive social and emotional development. This website was developed by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.
Heart-Mind well-being: Overview
Heart-Mind well-being: Alert and Engaged
Heart-Mind well-being: Compassionate and Kind
Heart-MInd well-being: Secure and Calm
Heart-MInd well-being: Gets Along with Others
Heart-Mind well-being: Solves Problems Peacefully

Seach Engine Suggestions:

The elephant in the living room - Dr. Dimitri Christakis from www.seattlechildrens.org has written this evidenced based book on the effects of TV on children. He gives suggestions about how TV may benefit and harm children depending on how you use it.

Einstein never used flashcards - Kathy Hirsch-Pasek is a neuroscientist who's written many books but this one is particulary good to help people understand how children learn through nomal daily activities.

CBC Ideas radio program "The Hurried Infant" - Listen to this 2 part series on the research related to early childhood learning that debunks the trends that early stimulation is beneficial.

CBC Ideas radio program "The Brains of Babes" - A fascinating 3 part series that documents the recent scientific breakthroughs that should lead to better early childhood care and programs.

Roots of Empathy - An innovative Canadian program where an infant and parent visit a classroom over the first year of life in order to foster empathy and reduce bullying in schools and society.

Tools of the Mind - Ground breaking play based preschool and K program. Internationally recognized and perhaps may one day come to our community. Enter seach terms "innovationcanada" and "tools of the mind" for a good synopsis.

Kangaroo Mother Care - Used in many hospital intensive care nurseries, this research based method promotes skin contact and carrying infants because it leads to better health outcomes.

The Natural Child Project - Dr. James McKenna runs a 'mother-baby behavioural sleep laboratory" and his site has many research articles related to co-sleeping and traditonal child sleep training methods.

Barker Foundation -  A hypothesis founded by a cardiologist has found substantial links between maternal and lifetime female nutrition and long term health outcomes that are passed down between generations.