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How Our Services Work

For all of our programs, the services we provide are based on the needs of the individual child. We recognize that as a parent, you are the expert on your child. Therefore, it is very important that you share information about your child, and about the concerns you have so that we together can come up with the best plan for services. Please click here for more information about how this first plan is developed.

Our centre provides services to an extremely large number of children every year, and we cover a broad region of the province. Our first priority is always to help children who have urgent medical or safety concerns. When deciding with you how the services for your child will look, we also have to consider factors such as travel time, staffing available, etc. The services for your child will likely change over time as well, depending on his/her needs. Sometimes you may need more frequent service, and other times you may need only occasional consultation.

For some of our programs, there are waiting lists for services because of the large numbers of referrals. If your child is waiting for a service, we make every attempt to see you at least once every 3 months, to provide you with suggestions and guidance about your child’s development.

We welcome your feedback at anytime about the services you are receiving. For more information about how to give feedback, please click here.