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Make a referral

Observing the Program

After you have made a few calls and you have found one or more centres that sound like they may meet your needs, it is time to make a visit. If you want someone to be available to talk to you, it is best to set up an appointment where you can observe the program and talk about you and your child.

There are three things in the setting you will want to observe. They are the physical environment, the people who work there, and the activities offered.

Physical Environment:

Make sure you get a chance to see all parts of the facility that will be used by the children. This includes kitchen and eating areas, washrooms, sleep areas, indoor and outdoor play areas.

Safety Precautions:

Warm & Inviting:



The People:

The relationship between children and their caregiver is the most important factor in child care. Early relationships can affect the way a child’s brain works and grows.

Does the adult...

Activities Offered:

These activities should promote your child’s healthy development and school readiness.

The setting should: