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Parent Support

Family Support BC
Online: www.familysupportbc.com
Telephone: 1-800-441-5403
Address: #300 - 30 East 6th Avenue, Kamloops, BC. V5T 4P4
The Family Support Institute is a province-wide organization whose purpose is to strengthen and support families faced with the extraordinary circumstances that come with having a family member who has a disability. We believe that families are the best resource available to support one another. Directed by families, the Family Support Institute provides information, training and province-wide networking to assist families and their communities to build upon and share their strengths.

Today's Parent Magazine
Online: www.todaysparent.com
This website for Today's Parent Magazine includes tools, articles and newsletters.

Growing Together
A guide to help your child grow and learn: Birth to 5 years.

Baby Proofing and Kids Home Safety Guide
Online: www.expertise.com/remodeling/baby-proofing-and-child-safety-guide
A complete home safety guide covering a wide variety of childproofing areas and considerations.