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Special Items & Resource Sales

The Resource Sales Cupboard contains items for sale to families and other community members. The resources in this cupboard are meant to help children to be independent in their activities of daily living and also to support parents and teachers in teaching children new skills. Anyone can purchase items by speaking to a therapist at the centre. Here are some examples of the items in the Resource Sales Cupboard:

Gripping Materials:

Non-slip mats, foam tubing to build up handles, elastic cuffs for gripping

Daily Living Aids:

Shoelace adaptations, long-handled reachers, single numbered padlocks for school lockers, shoe horns


Self-opening scissors, scissors with adapted handles

Oral Stimulation Supplies:

Infant toothbrushes and gum massagers, chewing tubes and necklaces

Feeding Items:

Variety of bowls, spoons, forks, cups

Printing Development Supplies:

Handwriting Without Tears materials, angled writing surface (slantboard)