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Make a referral

School Aged Developmental Milestones

Gross Motor Skills (running, jumping, climbing, sports)

Gross Motor development involves the larger, stronger muscle groups. School aged children are developing increasing coordination and motor ab ility.

Between 5-7 years, your child will:

Children in middle childhood will be able to swim, roller skate, ice skate, jump rope, scale fences, use a saw, hammer and garden tools and play a variety of sports. Kick ball, team relay races and dodge ball are great activities.

Children in adolescence will develop increased coordination and motor ability together with greater physical strength and prolonged endurance. They are able to develop better distance judgment and hand-eye coordination. They are able to master the skills necessary for adult sports, with practice.

Red flags for Gross Motor Development (6-19)

If you notice the following you may want to talk to you physician or health professional or make a referral yourself:

If you have concerns about your child at any age, please feel free to contact us to speak to a professional. You can also make a referral to our centre at anytime.