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Working Together

What is Your Role?

Our services are family-centred. You and your child are the most important member of this team. You are the expert on your own child and your input is important. We encourage you to share information about your child that will help us gain a clear understanding of your child’s abilities. It is important that you be involved in goal setting, planning and implementation of programs for your child. Together, we can create strategies to help your child develop his/her skills and abilities, and participate in all areas of daily life.

What is Our Role?

We will provide you with additional information about your child’s abilities so you may understand where your child is now and what skill(s) may be expected next. We will provide you with strategies and resources to help you achieve your goals for your child. These ideas may include: modifying activities, specific exercises, providing equipment or adaptations of existing equipment, toys, etc. We recognize that you and your child may be involved with other agencies or community groups, so we will try to coordinate services and strategies with all team members.

In addition to meeting with you on an individual basis, your therapist / team may suggest a more formal Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting. At this meeting, we will review your current concerns and priorities for your child and set goals with you for your child’s program.

If your child is school aged we can participate in the development of your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if appropriate.